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Scruff2Fluff is all about dog training and we focus on using positive reinforcement training methods.

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We do both group and private training, so please come on in, take a look around and check us out sometime! We hold classes at Olbrich Park on the east side of Madison and private lessons can take place either in your own home or in the location of your choosing. Check out our Calendar page (under Training) for class schedules.

We want to give you the tools to work with your dog and create a happy, harmonious pack.

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive reinforcement dog training works by using praise and positive actions or rewards - rather than punishment or correctional actions - to teach your dog right from wrong. The key with this type of training is to determine what it is that motivates your dog, and use that motivator as a reward upon correct performance. In positive reinforcement dog training you can use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those, to reward your dog for correct behavior.

What Postitive Reinforcement Training is NOT:

Positive reinforcement is not the same as physically forcing or compelling your dog to do something and then giving your dog a treat or praise. When compelling or forcing or "correcting" a dog to get it to do something, the dog is working to avoid punishment (as opposed to working to earn reinforcement). When using punishment to get a dog to perform a behavior, it's the punishment that produces the behavior. The dog has not learned to perform the behavior on his own.

One key thing that you'll notice with your dog when you use positive reinforcemnt training methods is that in any given situation if your dog does not know what it is that you're asking of him - instead of freezing (as negitively reinforced dogs often do in fear of punishment for a wrong action) your dog will instead start cycling through every known behavior in hopes of striking on the correct one. This is awesome for many reasons! One of the main ones being that if he doesn't hit on the one you want, your dog is very likely to start offering brand new behaviors - and that's how some really neat tricks are taught!