Cats and Your New Dog

Cats and dogs are known to be mortal enemies! But we have all witnessed the amazing bond that can be held between the two species. All of our rescue dogs are good with cats meaning that they are not cat aggressive. But, many of our dogs still need training to learn how to act appropriately with their new feline companions.


Never allow a dog, especially a large dog, to EVER chase a cat. Some dogs will get very wound up with this kind of play and an intentional grab can result in an unintentional injury to your cat. Dogs do not always realize that cats do not play like they do. And dogs really only know how to play with dogs! Dogs can also switch into something call “prey drive mode”. Prey drive is what makes our dogs herd sheep, chase tennis balls and also chase cats. This drive can be very beneficial in training but not corralled appropriately it can be centered on your cat.

ALWAYS correct your dog for chasing and rough playing behavior to your cat. This might mean grabbing your dog by the collar or scruff of the neck and with a quick and firm tug, say “no”. Immediately afterward, direct your dog into a type of play that is appropriate to chase such as chasing a ball or lure. Pretty soon, just your motion of getting up and/or the word no will quickly prompt your dog to leave the cat alone.

Written by Melissa Smith